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Nella pancia della balena

by Alice Keller

It’s not easy when you are a kid and you got to go to school wearing a jacket you don’t like and torn sweatpants, your parents are separated, your mother always looks sad. But what would you do if one day your Mum didn’t come back home and you had to move on somehow on your own, while trying to understand what happened to her?

A stunning voice, a deeply moving story about being abandoned by adults and finding your way to be strong.



by Matteo Grimaldi

At the age of 13, after his parents have been put under arrest, Michael starts his new life. Some very special people will join him: Clara and Franco, social workers; Mrs Guerra, an elderly lady; a gay couple, his new foster Dads; Zoe, a true friend; his biological parents, who can still give him much. This is his X family, a mathematical variable in his life equation, which does not need names and definitions.

The X Family is a story about the treasures that exist around us, in the people who live close to us and we do not know, in the people who at one point we meet by chance and then become our life.

Luna Park

by Livia Rocchi

There is a secret Funfair that appears at night in some children’s houses. Does it sound like a dream? Actually it is a nightmare. Its carousels are the metaphores of domestic violence: the distressing wait for a fight, peaks of screams and descents into silence. Daytime life, at school, flows normally, but appearances are deceptive. How can you get out from the Tunnel of Horrors? By finding your courage not to feel ashamed.

A thought-provoking novel about domestic violence.


by Barbara Garlaschelli

A tall teenager is crossing the town, he has a greenmohican, is wearing black clothes and is carrying a yellow flower. On the way, he is noticed by a pedestrian, a child who thinks he is a vampire, a woman in love, a businessman, a little girl and her mother...
In each chapter the point of view switches from his thoughts (his love for books, his crush for a young girl, his struggle between being totally free and having roots, his wish to meet his mother after many years) and the standpoint of the people who see him walking across the town.
Where is he going?
Whom is that yellow flower for?

A touching and unconventional coming-of-age novel by multiaward winning author Barbara Garlaschelli.