A Ruckus in the Garden

Original title Kackel i grönsakslandet
Original language Swedish
Place of first publication Sweden
Original Publisher Opal

Further information on this book

Pettson is trying to plant vegetables in the garden. Findus, for his part, has decided to plant a meatball in the hope that more will grow. But every night some animals arrive to destroy everything they have done during the day. First are the chickens, then the neighbour’s pig, then even the cows… Pettson doesn’t give up: every day, he patiently replants, while together with his cat Findus he tries to devise a system to keep watch and save the garden…

A hilarious and clever story about perseverance in the face of challenges and using creative ideas to solve problems.

Sven Nordqvist
(Author, Illustrator)

Sven Nordqvist, born in 1946 in Helsingborg, has always drawn and painted. He has worked as an architect, teacher and graphic designer. In 1983 he won the competition for the best illustrated book organised by what was to become his publishing house, Opal. Already with his second book he brought to life his two best-known and best-loved characters, Pettson and Findus, the protagonists of many of his illustrated books. During his teenage years he was inspired by the illustrators of the Swedish magazine MAD, whose influence is still evident in his style today.
Sven also likes to build mechanical devices out of wood, a passion found in Pettson’s albums. His illustrations are characterised by an incredible richness of colour and detail. Each picture is like a world of its own full of little characters that one can observe for hours, always discovering new details. Perhaps that is why his drawings are so loved by everyone, children and adults alike.
Over the course of his career, he has received many awards, including the Astrid Lindgren Award, the August Prize for Where’s My Sister? and the Northern Lights Prize in 2020, both for Walking the Dog and for the Pettson and Findus series

Samanta K. Milton Knowles

Samanta K. Milton Knowles is a translator for Italian publishers, such as Iperborea, Feltrinelli, Verio Santoro, Rizzoli. For the Swedish publisher Saltkråkan AB she is currently in charge of the analysis of the Italian translations of Astrid Lindgren’s books to assess their quality in preparation for a re-issue of all the books.

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