Original title Amok. Eng Lëtzebuerger Liebeschronik
Original language Luxembourgish
Place of first publication Luxembourg
ISBN original edition 978-2-87954-245-4
Original Publisher Éditions Guy Binsfeld


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Further information on this book

In 17 short chapters, Amok tells the story of an adolescent’s search for love, recognition, happiness and a place in today’s society. Via the use of often crude language, Tullio Forgiarini convincingly reflects the prevailing problems of social isolation, neglect, lack of perspective, behavioural disorders and senseless violence. Sharp dialogue, realistic depictions and a poetic economy in the carefully placed dream sequences distinguish Amok as a decidedly contemporary novel in both form and content. It leads the reader into an exploration of everyday realities that are often absent in the media as well as in public discourse. The reader is thrust into the imaginary and ingeniously crafted dream worlds of the protagonist that stand for his doomed attempts at escaping an unmanageable reality. They convey the sense of tragedy of the protagonist at simultaneously failing to negotiate and escape it.

Tullio Forgiarini

Tullio Forgiarini was born in 1966 in Neudorf, Luxembourg, the son of an Italian father and a Luxembourgian mother. He studied history in Luxembourg and Strasbourg. Since 1989, he has been teaching history, Latin and geography at the Lycée du Nord in Wiltz, Luxembourg. He is also very engaged with children having a difficult social background. Forgiarini writes dark stories, mostly in French and inspired by série noire crime novels and genre films. He has had his work published in newspapers, magazines and anthologies and is the author of several novels. He lives in Luxembourg.

Christian Welter

Born in Esch-sur-Alzette (Luxembourg) in 1982, Christian Welter graduated in Italian studies and French literature at Strasbourg University and Roma Tre University. He worked as a teacher in Italy, in Arezzo, as French and English reader. He is a full professor of Italian and French in a high school in Luxembourg, where he also coordinates an Erasmus+ four-nations project (Luxembourg, Italy, France, Germany). He is responsible of a students’ TV (Uelzechtkanal) and he regularly cooperates with Festival du Film Italien de Villerupt (France). As a translator, he is currently working on the translation of Dante Alighieri’s “Inferno” from Italian to Luxembourgish: the translation of Canto V was presented to the public on the occasion of the ceremony held by the University of Luxembourg in 2015 for the 750th anniversary of Dante’s birth.

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