Hotel Bonbien

Original title Hotel Bonbien
Original language Dutch
Place of first publication Amsterdam
ISBN original edition 9789024569373
Original Publisher Uitgeverij Luitingh-Sijthoff B.V.



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Siri lives in France together with her older brother and her parents, who have a hotel in the countryside, where many different people stop briefly to rest on their way to somewhere else. Siri loves her life there, but in the year she turns ten everything starts to be difficult: her parents argue a lot and the hotel is not going very well. Siri is afraid that her parents will divorce and that the hotel will be sold; she needs a miracle to sort things out…

Sharply written, with nice descriptions and funny dialogues, a novel for young readers which does not stop on the surface but has a deep insight of the emotional world of a little girl.

Enne Koens

Enne Koens, after studying Drama, has been working as a writer and is the author of theather plays, songs, short stories and novels. She was awarded the Jonge Jury Debuutprijs, the debut prize, in 2013 and the prestigious Dutch “Vlag en Wimpel” prize for her second book.

Katrien Holland

Katrien Holland (Amsterdam, 1964) is an illustrator. She illustrates children’s books, magazines, brochures and educational material. She studied at the Academy of Visual Arts in Tilburg (1982-1987). In 1989 she made her debut with her picture book Mijn Held (My Hero), for which she won the Premio Grafico Fiera di Bologna in 1990. Her second book Roekel (text by Imme Dros) received an ‘Illustrators of the Year Award Unicef’ in 1992.

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