Ice Girl and Other Fairy Tales

Original title Djevojčica od leda i druge bajke
Original language Croatian
Place of first publication Split, Croatia
ISBN original edition 953-263-008-2
Original Publisher Naklada Bošković


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From the Republic of Dreams (because the monarchies have been abolished), to the ice girl who cannot look at the sun, Mila Pavićević skilfully plays with the fairy-tale material, with ironic, witty and highly imaginative results.
To enrich the Italian edition, the original illustrations by Daniela Iride Murgia, which add new references to the dream world and fairy tale tradition.

Mila Pavićević

Mila Pavićević is a playwright and writer. She grew up in Dubrovnik and now lives in Berlin, where she works in the field of dance and choreography. As an author she has published several poetic sillogues, in addition to Ice Girl and other fairy tales, for which she won the European Union Prize for Literature. His books are translated into Europe and South America.

Daniela Iride Murgia

Daniela Iride Murgia was born in Sardinia, graduated in Oriental Art in Venice and obtained a Masters in Illustration. She lives between Venice and Denmark. She collaborates with international magazines and publishing houses. Among the awards she received, the prestigious A la Orilla del Viento, the Caniem Prize of the National Chamber of the Mexican Editorial Industry, the Rodari Award.
She is the co-founder of the M + B studio, which designs and curates exhibitions in collaboration with international artists and architects at the Venice Biennale. She teaches illustration at the International School of Comics in Padua.

Elisa Copetti

Elisa Copetti teaches Croatian and Serbian language at the University of Udine where she graduated in Translation and Cultural Mediation. She has translated numerous novels and plays by Croatian and Serbian authors, for various Italian publishers. In 2008 she won the Premio Estroverso for Translation.

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