Nothing is Impossibile For Us

Original title Ingenting är omöjligt för oss
Original language Svedese
Place of first publication Svezia
Original Publisher Alfabeta

Further information on this book

Sometimes you feel like an alien who has landed somewhere with his spaceship, but doesn’t know where, why or how. The two children protagonists of this story feel like this: they have just moved house, their mum and dog King are with them, but not their dad. The reader follows the two little aliens as they come to terms with their new life, always united by an unbreakable affection and that feeling of omnipotence that may seem exaggerated but is also a mantra to give themselves strength and endure. Where will Daddy be? When will he arrive? Will he ever return? Along with the sense of loss there is so much warmth, the two children represent strength and indomitable optimism. Nothing is impossible for them.


Eva Lindström
(Author, Illustrator)

Eva Lindström is a Swedish artist, winner of the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award in 2022. Since the 1980s, her production for children has brought about a revolution in the world of illustrated books. She has published around 35 titles as an author and illustrator, as well as illustrating numerous books by other authors. She has made three short animated films and some of her works have also been adapted for the cinema. Her work has won numerous awards, both in Sweden and abroad, and her illustrated books are translated worldwide. His stories move between the everyday and the existential, combining lightning humour with the absurd and the mysterious.

Laura Cangemi

Laura Cangemi, translator from Swedish, has brought many of the greatest voices of Swedish literature to Italy, so much so that she received the Sweden in Italy Promoter Award from the Italy-Sweden Chamber of Commerce and the Swedish Academy Award for the introduction of Swedish culture abroad. After graduating in Foreign Languages and Literature at the University of Milan, he signed the translation of the first title published by the fledgling publishing house Iperborea in 1988.
Since then, she has translated more than 200 books from Swedish, English and Norwegian for the most important Italian publishing houses. She specialises in translating children’s books and has held courses on children’s translation promoted by the Swedish Arts Council. Awards for her translations include the IBBY Honour List and the Natur & Kultur Foundation’s Translation Prize, awarded by the Swedish Academy.

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