Readers today, citizens tomorrow

READERS TODAY, CITIZENS TOMORROW is the title of Camelozampa’s project, the publication, in traditional book form and eBook, audiobook and audio-eBook, of 10 outstanding European titles for young readers.

The aim is to promote the circulation of European literature, especially for less represented languages, to give tomorrow’s citizens the instruments to develop a critical conscience and be aware of their rights and duties.

These 10 titles are all masterpieces by contemporary Swedish, Dutch, Greek, French, Luxembourgian, Croatian and UK authors and have never been published in Italy. They share a high literary value – the Authors have been awarded with the most important national and international prizes – and they deal with important themes, such as diversity, prejudices, racism and discrimination, research of identity, war, freedom and role of the citizens, consumerism, solidarity and integration. Translations will be carried out by experienced translators.

High-quality cover arts and inside illustrations will be prepared by our illustrators and all pre-printing work such as editing, proofreading, layout design will be taken care by Camelozampa. Launching on the market of the 10 titles in the traditional book form will be scheduled from March, 2018 till October, 2019. The books will be distributed to Italian bookshops and libraries and to Italian cultural centres and bookshops all over the world.

At the same time, the titles will be released as eBooks, audiobooks and audio-eBooks on the digital market, to ensure the widest accessibility both to new generations of readers and to disadvantaged categories of readers (as visually impaired or dyslexic readers).

Promotion will be based on both traditional instruments (press releases, advertising, launches with authors and promotion in schools, libraries and bookshops) and new digital technologies (social media marketing, web and blog, creation of booktrailers, creation of a specific web portal to present the project).


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