Reading Diversity 2024-2026


Reading Diversity – co-funded by the European Union through Creative Europe – is a project with the goal of increasing the transnational circulation of European literature, with particular attention to lesser-used languages such as Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Greek, Norwegian, and Swedish.

Reading Diversity involves the translation, publication, and distribution in Italy of 25 critically acclaimed and award-winning titles for children and teenagers from different European Union countries. Five important entities are taking part in this challenge: Camelozampa, Hamelin association, the Tuttestorie and Mare di Libri festivals, dedicated to young readers, and Cleio, a network of bookshops specializing in literature for young people.

At the core of this project is the desire to trigger a virtuous circle where the goal of spread the high-quality European literature is combined with a series of actions to promote reading among young people. In order to ensure lasting results, new opportunities will be created for young people to rediscover reading as a pleasure, and to realize that books can be windows to other worlds, able to represent diversity in all its forms.

Several dissemination activities are planned, including visits of authors at festivals of children’s and YA literature of national relevance, conferences with authors and an exhibition during international Bologna Children’s BookFair, authors and translators tours in Italian bookshops and online meetings, training workshops for teachers, live and online and reading-aloud workshops for students.

Reading Diversity is committed to ensuring equal opportunities for all areas of the country, including those geographically more difficult to reach, through collaboration with the associate partner Cleio and its network of bookshops.

Central to this project will also be the goals of inclusion and diversity, as well as the important and current challenge of tackling climate change and implementing sustainable production and promotion practices to minimise the environmental impact of activities. Topics such as climate change, our relationship with nature, environmental conservation, and the concerns of the new generations for the future of our planet will also be central to many of the translated books.

Finally, all the books will be published using high-legibility fonts and layouts, and will also be published in eBook format.