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Author Alice Keller
Cover by Alessandro Baronciani
Pages 112
Date of publication April, 2019
Format cm 14 x 21
ISBN 9788899842567
  • From Andersen Award shortlisted author Alice Keller, a strong and touching novel about an hikikomori boy
  • An authentic and powerful voice, rendered with highly literary writing
  • A story about the affection between brothers and the possibility, which is always there, to change one’s life




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It’s been years since Giovanni last got out of his room. Day and night, he is shut in his room, his eyes to the monitor, earphones on all the time, a videogame match after another. He weighs 130 kilos and knows that his parents call him “the Problem”.

Emilia, his older sister, is not a “problem” at all: she looks and behaves like a perfectly normal 18-year-old girl. And yet, she is that is hiding a secret and is preparing to run away from home. And she is determined to drag Giovanni along.

Taken away from his obsessive routine, he will be forced to open his eyes to the reality surrounding him, something he couldn’t even imagine.

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