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Author Livia Rocchi
Illustrator Rossana Bossù
Pages 32
Date of publication April, 2019
Binding hardcover
Format cm 24,5 x 31
ISBN 9788899842529

Rights sold: French

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Butterflair is born at the beginning of a warm autumn day, splipping out of a drop of dawn.

Butterflair is only going to live that one day.

Her twin is too sad to do anything, but Butterflair isn’t: there are so many things she wants to do, so many places to explore, so many new friends to meet!

During her short but fully enjoyed lifetime, she will taste the nectare of a sunflower, smell the perfume of the sea, learn how it feels to be caressed by the sun, look at the clouds, play with a kitten. Until she flies over a maple leaf
and lays an egg.

A celebration of the beauty of life, when savored in its every moment.

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