Who Will It Be?


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Author Paola Vitale
Illustrator Rossana Bossù
Pages 48
Date of publication April, 2018
Binding cartonato
Format cm 23 x 30
ISBN 9788899842123
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Who will this creature, who is forming, be? If gills appear, does it mean that it is a fish? If it has webbed feet, will it be a duck?
A biologist and a refined artist tell us the most fascinating true story: about the way everyone of us, before birth, re-lives the history of all life on earth.
Based on the latest scientific findings, which confirm: at a certain stage, all the embryos of vertebrates look alike.
A poetic picture book accompanied by information sheets, to talk about the evolution of life from an original perspective.

From the author and illustrator of Like a Tree and How Big Is an Elephant?

Rights sold: Simplified Chinese, Korean, French (France), English (North America)

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