Ci si vede all’Obse

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Author Cilla Jackert
Translator Samanta K. Milton Knowles
Pages 200
ISBN 9788899842185

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Annika is a 12-year-old girl who lives in Stockholm. When her little brother is born premature, the whole summer turns upside down. Instead of going to the countryside in southern Sweden the family stays in the city and Annika roams the streets looking for something to do. At the park of the Observatory she gets to know a group of children, whom she will meet every day. The group has a pact, to never reveal any detail of their true life. At the park the group plays truth or dare, but they always choose dare, engaging in dangerous challenges, because, as the group leader says: “Nobody cares about the truth anyway.” When the holidays are nearly over and the children probably will never meet again, they play truth or dare and choose to reveal their lives: Kaja, the leader, lost her mother two years before and lives in her father’s wife huge apartment in the exclusive part of the city; Ingrid is the daughter of an actress who is always touring; Tobbe is expected to become a professional footballer, but the whole summer has run away from the sports activities his parents force on him (whereas he would like just knitting); Mats comes from a religious family, with six children, but he is angry with God; Lövet is the youngest and most fragile, he refuses to tell his truth and chooses dare, but something during his challenge goes wrong and he must go to the hospital. There, they discover that he lives in a condition of extreme degradation and the social workers will send him to a new family, with his great relief. Cilla Jackert describes vivid characters, each of which represents a cross-section of society and inside the group they go beyond their social status.

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