Horace Copeless the Hopeless

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Author Isabella Paglia
Illustrator Adriano Gon
Pages 160
Date of publication November 2021
Format cm 14 x 21
ISBN 9788890610592

Shortlisted for Premio Arpino
Shortlisted for Premio Scelto da noi


Rights sold: ALBANIAN


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Horace’s family has just moved to a new town, so he will have to make new friends. But his new classmates make fun of him because he wears glasses and is very shy. His parents are too busy to really listen to him. And, worst of all, his beloved Grandma has just died. But she also left a very special gift for him: a magical stone that can take you anywhere… even to the North Pole! There he will live all sorts of adventures, find new friends and become a hero!



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