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Pages 112
Date of publication March, 2018
Binding softcover
Format cm 12 x 17
ISBN 9788899842161

Nuova edizione ad alta leggibilità con il font Easy Reading

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A tall teenager is crossing the town, he has a green mohican, is wearing black clothes and is carrying a yellow flower…
In each chapter the point of view switches from his thoughts (his love for books, his crush for a young girl, his struggle between being totally free and having roots) and the standpoint of the people who see him walking in the town.
Where is he going?
Whom is that yellow flower for?

Un unconventional coming-of-age novel by award-winning author Barbara Garlaschelli.

My name is David.
But my mother used to call me Davì. Now that she has gone away, nobody calls me like that. I am nineteen, but sometimes it is as if I felt much younger. Some other times, I feel all the world’s ages
on my shoulders.

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