Goodnight bear

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Author Monika Filipina
Illustrator Monika Filipina
Translator Sara Saorin
Pages 40
Date of publication September 2023
ISBN 9791254640906


Rights sold: POLISH


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The bear is so tired, he just wants to have a good sleep! But a noise outside is preventing him from falling asleep: it’s the beavers, working at the sawmill. The bear kindly asks them to stop, but when he goes to bed again another noise is disturbing him. This time it’s the racoons doing their laundry… Every time the bear tries it again, another disturbance from some comes up! Until when all of the animals have finally stopped their noisy activities, they have a huge party in the forest, the noisiest of all things! The bear is ready to tell them off, but they are in for a surprise in the end…

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