I Hate Bogey-Brats

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Author Chiara Lorenzoni
Illustrator AntonGionata Ferrari
Pages 32
Date of publication October, 2018
Format cm 23 x 30
ISBN 9791254641668




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Mirello hates bogey-brats. But, since he is a Monster of Scary Scare, he must live with a bogey-brat, who smells of dirty socks and talcum powder.

Every night, when it’s bed time, Mirello does his best to scare her, but when it’s the moment of the bedtime story, it’s him who can’t barely keep his eyes open. Not even one of the three!

A sparkling and exhilarating story, with hilarious turns of events.

AntonGionata Ferrari’s humorous and playful illustrations make a perfect counterpoint to the text.

A picture book to laugh and exorcise the fear of monsters.

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