The World at Your Feet

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Author Livia Rocchi
Illustrator Caterina Giorgetti
Pages 240
Binding softcover
Format cm 11x16.5
ISBN 9788890587832
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Five teenagers take part to The World at your Feet, the most important talent show ever broadcast.
The show will bring them around the world. But in every city they visit, they will meet with scary goings
on, mysteries that the girls will solve, deserving the gang’s name of Talent Angels.

Toms Bent, a 14-year girl from Amsterdam, is thrilled as she has been selected for the most awaited talent show – but mainly because the host will be teenagers’ idol Klay Williams. During the rehearsals in NY, strange accidents occur and maybe the first episode of the show will never be broadcast! Toms and four other girls investigate…

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