Kiran’s Journey

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Author Nicola Cinquetti
Illustrator Maria Girón
Pages 32
Date of publication September 2023
Format cm 23 x 27
ISBN 9791254640395
  • From the award-winning author Nicola Cinquetti, winner of the Andersen Award




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The night has long begun, but Kiran can’t sleep. Tomorrow is the big day, and his heart is like a boat jumping on the waves of the sea. So, Kiran gets out of bed and goes to the window. There’s a round moon that lights the way. And on the street there is a dog that walks alongside the walls, and lowers its muzzle and sniffs every now and then. Like all dogs do.

“You there!” Kiran tells him. “Do you know that tomorrow I…”
It’s a night of waiting, the one Kiran is experiencing. Waiting for the big thing that will happen the next day. A night spent at the
window, with life outside flowing before his eyes: a dog sniffing the walls, a cat on the edge of the roof, a gigantic elephant appearing lik a dream. Tomorrow, everything will change for

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