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Author Chiara Raineri
Illustrator Chiara Raineri
Pages 40
Date of publication April 2022
Format cm 22 x 22
ISBN 9791280014825

Shortlisted for Premio Nati per Leggere 18-36 mesi


Rights sold: FRENCH (World), SPANISH (World)


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A sweet picture book that plays with surprise: each page doubles with the flap, associating an adjective with which the mother is described to shapes, colors, flavors, aromas.
Like a baby discovering the outside world, Little Panther compares what surrounds her with what she knows best, her mom. A cloud is soft like mom, the fruit is sweet like mom…
In the end, Little Panther hugs her soft, sweet and strong mom, as a child after she has made her first timid attempts to approach the outside world, and then returns to the comforting maternal embrace.

A heart-melting picture book about discovering the world and comparing the first experiences to being with your mom.

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