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Author Livia Rocchi
Cover by Giovanni Nori
Pages 128
Date of publication October, 2016
Binding softcover
Format cm 12 x 17
ISBN 9788896323335
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There is a secret Funfair that appears at night in some children’s houses.
Does it sound like a dream? Actually it is a nightmare. Its carousels are the metaphores of domestic violence: the distressing wait for a fight, peaks of screams and descents into silence. Day-time life, at school, flows normally, but appearances are deceptive. How can you get out from the Tunnel of Horrors? By finding your courage not to feel

A thought-provoking novel about domestic violence.

It appears often.
In the middle of the night. At my home.
It’s not a ghost funfair. It’s a secret one.
Even if I wanted to speak about it, how could I?
The rides are always changing.
Sometimes they come back, sometimes they don’t.
It’s not a dream. No, for sure.
You could never dream about it.

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