Mickey Messy Monkey

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Author Carolina D'Angelo
Illustrator Flavia Sorrentino
Pages 32
Date of publication November 2020
Format cm 22 x 22
ISBN 9791254641330




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Mickey is about to go lion hunting, when Dad comes into his room. Dad can’t even find Mickey’s bed: all around it is a mess. A real mess! “You can’t go out till you clean your room!” Dad shouts.

Mickey loves his room like that. It is his jungle. His secret jungle. He can jump on the bed, then fall off and land on the elephant’s head. He can climb up the drape, then swing away and escape from the lion’s chase. He can also slide upon his socks, then skip through and stop between the giraffe’s hops.

But after a while Mickey gets bored of his games. All the animals in his jungle must go to sleep, so he can tidy everything up and go out to play with Dad!

A sweet, humorous picture book about the magic of imagination… and the need for tidying up, from time to time!

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