My Magic

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Author Gaia Guasti
Illustrator Simona Mulazzani
Pages 32
Date of publication October, 2018
Binding hardcover
Format cm 23 x 30
ISBN 9788899842239

Right sold: English (UK)

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“All that is on the Earth, and the Earth too, the Moon and every planet to the end of the universe, is my magic.
In the morning, the sun rises to warm me up.
The cow makes my milk.
The baker bakes the bread for me”.

A highly poetic picture book about the feeling of omnipotence that is typical of every child: the certainty that the world exists depending on you, becomes the belief you own the magic to create everything – the sun, milk, clouds, your cat, the voice that answers you when you call someone.

A delicate text matches the evocative power of illustrations to give voice to a child’s wonderful view of the world.

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