In the Whale’s Belly

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Author Alice Keller
Cover by Giovanni Nori
Pages 80
Date of publication October 2017
Format cm 12 x 17
ISBN 9788899842086

Shortlisted for Premio Andersen 2018 Best Book over 12 years




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It’s not easy when you are a kid and you got to go to school wearing a jacket you don’t like and a ripped tracksuit, your parents are separated, your mother always looks sad. But what would you do if one day your Mum didn’t come back home and you had to move on somehow on your own, while trying to understand what happened to her?

A stunning voice, a deeply moving story about being abandoned by adults and finding your way to be strong.

It all started… When?
Maybe it was all already about to start and we hadn’t realized it. I hadn’t.We walked on broken dishes and were careful, with our feet, not to break them some more.
I’ve always been good at trying to keep things together. Even when they did everything they could not to stay together.



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