Nothing is impossibile for us

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Author Eva Lindström
Illustrator Eva Lindström
Translator Laura Cangemi
Date of publication april 2024
ISBN 9791254641095
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Sometimes you feel like an alien who has landed somewhere with his spaceship, but doesn’t know where, why or how. The two children protagonists of this story feel like this: they have just moved house, their mum and dog King are with them, but not their dad. The reader follows the two little aliens as they come to terms with their new life, always united by an unbreakable affection and that feeling of omnipotence that may seem exaggerated but is also a mantra to give themselves strength and endure. Where will Daddy be? When will he arrive? Will he ever return? Along with the sense of loss there is so much warmth, the two children represent strength and indomitable optimism. Nothing is impossible for them.


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