Oscar the Guardian Cat

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Author Chiara Valentina Segré
Illustrator Paolo Domeniconi
Pages 36
Date of publication October, 2015
Binding hardcover
Format cm 23 x 30
ISBN 9788896323243

Premio Giulitto Città di Bitritto 2016 Miglior Libro 6-10 anni

Tradotto in Regno Unito e USA

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Oscar lives at Hope House, a big place with many rooms surrounded by trees, together with many grandpas and grandmas, Doctor Goodhelp and Dolores the nurse.
Between incursions in the park and expeditions in the dungeons, there is no time to get bored. But Oscar is not an ordinary cat: he is a “Guardian Cat”. Oscar knows when he is needed. He knows when it is time to stay.

Based on the true story of the cat who watches over his friends during their most important journey.

Rights sold: ENGLISH (UK), ENGLISH (North America)


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