Potterologia: 10 Tastes +1 of the Universe of J.K. Rowling

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Curator Marina Lenti
Cover by Giovanni Nori
Pages 240
Date of publication October, 2015
Binding softcover
Format cm 14 x 21
ISBN 9788896323212

Tutti i diritti d’autore saranno devoluti all’associazione Theodora che supporta i bambini ospedalizzati

Saggi di: Amneris Di Cesare, Chiara Codecà, Paolo Gulisano, Luisa Vassallo, Rita Ricci, Chiara Valentina Segré, Ilaria Katerinov, Marina Lenti, Valentina Oppezzo, Francesca Cosi & Alessandra Repossi, Chiara Podano.


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What happens if a single book convenes a group of ten Harry Potter experts? You’ll obtain a kaleidoscope: ten different short essays, with different colours and tastes. These quick but deep essays analyse some aspects of Harry Potter world that have never been studied before. The new edition “10 essays + 1” is enlarged with a new essay
and a wider analysis on magizoology, in the occasion of Warner Bros new movie on Newt Scamander’s life

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