The animal race

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Author Daniil Charms
Illustrator Jean Mallard
Translator Laura Piccolo
Pages 32
Date of publication June 2021
Format cm 28,5 x 29
ISBN 9791254641408

Bologna Children’s Book Fair Illustrations Exhibition

Illustrator selected to create the visual identity of BCBF 2021




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One time, the lion, the elephant, the giraffe, the deer, the ostrich, the moose, the wild horse and the dog argued about who could run the fastest. So, they decided to set up a competition. Whoever would complete a lap around the lake first, would be the fastest.

But it won’t be a regular competition. For instance, after leading for a while, the lion decides that he is too tired and stops to take a nap. The moose and the giraffe have the idea to drink all the water in the lake, so they will be able to cross it… The ostrich laughs at them, but he doesn’t realize he is running backwards.

Daniil Charm’s humorous writing at its best, with the astonishingly beautiful illustrations of a great new talent.

An absurd and witty taleby Russian avant-garde writer Daniil Charms, brought to life by the breath-taking images of Jean Mallard.

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