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Author Mara Dompè
Illustrator Giulia Torelli
Pages 40
Date of publication June 2022
Format cm 18,5 x 24,5
ISBN 9791280014979


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I had a box full of band-aids. A square, tin one.
I got it for my birthday because I like band-aids.
I like them colorful, but a bit see-through.
They hide the scratch I’ve got and at the same
time tell me exactly where it is.
I always want to know where my scratches are.
Each scratch is a mark of one of my adventures.

A resourceful little girl tells us about her adventures, through the stories that each band-aid can tell. Running with the skateboard, playing with a not-so-gentle cat, cooking with her grandparents, being a goalkeeper for the football team: sure, during the funniest activities you can get hurt, but the important thing is to have fun and never lose your taste for adventure!

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