The Fox’s Surprise

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Author Virginia Stefanini
Illustrator Margherita Micheli
Pages 32
Date of publication May 2020
Format cm 20 x 26
ISBN 9788899842888

Shortlisted for Premio Giulitto Best book age 0-6



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Fox is preparing a great surprise. It is such a clever idea that, she is sure, no one will be able to guess what it is!
First, she invites Bear. Will it be a cake competition? he wonders. Then, she tells Hare. Maybe it is a running contest, Hare tries to guess. Mouse thinks it may be the opening of a new library, since he loves books. Owl is sure it’s going to be a rock concert. And Turtle
hopes for a comedy show.
But just what is this surprise? Is Fox up to something? They won’t get what they were hoping for… or will they?

A cleverly written, humorous story about prejudices and friendship.

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