The jellyfish garden

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Author Paola Vitale
Illustrator Rossana Bossù
Pages 48
Date of publication June 2021
Format cm 23 x 30
ISBN 9791280014337

National Prize Un libro per l’ambiente – Special Jury’s Prize to the whole non fiction collection Le Sinapsi

Winner of the International Prize Image of the Book

Winner of Premio Malerba

Shortlisted for Premio letteratura ragazzi Cento

Shortlisted for Premio Nazionale di Divulgazione Scientifica – Giancarlo Dosi

Shortlisted for Premio Soligatto




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They color the waters of the oceans with reflections, they are transparent, with bright and brilliant colors. They live everywhere, from the Arctic to the tropical oceans.

How much do we know about jellyfish? Are they poisonous? Can they be eaten? It is true that they can even be immortal? What are the “Jellyfish blooms” and why are they considered climate change indicators?

An immersion in the world of jellyfish, to find out all about these strange creatures and why studying them is important for our future. An original approach to talk about climate change and environmental protection.

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