The Magical Pillows

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Author Evghenios Trivizàs
Illustrator Noemi Vola
Translator Tiziana Cavasino
Pages 80
Date of publication January, 2019
Binding softcover
ISBN 9788899842444
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In the land of the greedy King Arpatilaos, Sundays are banned, along with birthday parties, children’s playgrounds and even hiccups! Everyone works day and night to fill the king’s vaults with diamonds. With his new invention, the Nightmare Pillows, the king’s fiendish adviser even plans to put an end to people’s dreams, so that they will work even harder, without moaning and complaining. Andonis is a school teacher who finds out this secret and organizes, with the help of the children of his class, a plan to object to Arpatilao’s plans. They make pillows full of the beauties of the world. So the hope blooms in the people’s souls again and the dream of life, freedom and joy comes back alive. Regarded as one of the most significant titles in Trivizas’ production, “Τα μαγικά μαξιλάρια” is a short story that conveys to very young readers some important values such as democracy, freedom, hope, cooperation, sharing, civic and social commitment.

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