The Pesky Gang

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Author Ilaria Guarducci
Illustrator Ilaria Guarducci
Pages 36
Date of publication November 2019
Format cm 23,5 x 29
ISBN 9788899842659


Rights sold: GREEK


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There is a great turmoil in town: the Pesky Gang has struck again! They are a gang of thieves, brave like pirates, agile like macaques, light and silent like ballet dancers.
They have stolen everything. They have robbed all the banks, the supermarkets, the bakers, the butchers, the hardware stores, the hairdressers. They even steal each other the last biscuit at breakfast, the slippers for after
the shower, the last piece of toilet paper. Until, one day, there is nothing left to steal!
The Pesky Gang barricade themselves inside their gigantic warehouse full of stolen items. Then, one day, they hear a noise. Thieves?! No, it’s the people from town, asking if the Gang could lend them some stuff…
And, well, the Pesky Gang are thieves, but they are gentlemen thieves!

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