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Author Davide Morosinotto
Cover by The World of DOT
Pages 368
Date of publication May 2022
Format cm 14 x 21
ISBN 9791280014924
  • One story, two different ways to reading it
  • A sci-fi novel that’s really two books in one!
  • The pace of a thriller, with secret bases and time machines… but also stories of troubled families and friendship. A hand held out to help save the world.




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On Friday the 19th of May, at 11.56 a.m. in a secondary school in Bologna, a bomb goes off. It’s the worst terrorist attack in Italy’s history, inflicting an incurable wound on the heart of the city. The consequences are tragic.
But… the attack never happened and this story actually begins on Thursday the 18th of May at 11.56 a.m., when there are still 24 hours to stop the tragedy from taking place. The Time Shifters are about to face their most difficult challenge yet.

A book that can be read in two ways:
TimeLoop: you can skip back and forth between the different dates and time, reading it out of its natural time sequence, like a thriller;
TimeLine: like a crime novel, in chronological order.

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