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Author Ilaria Guarducci
Illustrator Ilaria Guarducci
Collection ,
Pages 32
Date of publication March 2018
Format cm 20 x 26
ISBN 9791254641460




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Whatabore is skinny and pasty, and never has fun. Never. His favourite colour is pale grey, his favourite dish is plain pasta, and when he has some spare time, he loves staring off into space.
He gets bored in every moment of the year, whatever the weather, whatever position.
He is so good at getting bored, that one day he locks himself in his bedroom and decides to proclaim himself His Majesty the Supreme King of Boredom.
And, well, a king should have at least a throne. And a castle. And a flock of subjects. And a queen…

An hilarious and yet touching picture book about children’s right to be bored and free to do nothing, an ode to their imagination and their ability to daydream.

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