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Original title Là où je vais
Original language French
Place of first publication France
ISBN original edition 9782364742079
Original Publisher Thierry Magnier



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Further information on this book

“Là où je vais” is a choral novel, that takes place at a high school in one-hour lapse of time and alternates the stories of four teenagers who do not know each other but who live at the same time a turning point in their lives. During that hour, they sometimes cross each other in the school hallways, but never talk together, they have other people on their minds and other problems to solve, while their classmates attend lessons: Leah becomes aware of her homosexuality, declares her love to Julie, a girl from her class, and is afraid of her reactions; during his theatre rehearsal Ilyes remembers his arrival to France from a far country a few years before, when he could not even speak French and sees how drama lessons have helped him in his integration process; Océane is destroyed by what happened to her at a party the previous night and cannot bear the weight of her secret; Clément, whose sister died a few months before, cannot find any zest for living. That day, in the time span of one school lesson, their lives will be transformed.
The high school that Fred Paronuzzi’s sensitive writing describes is a microcosm where the four characters personify the doubts and the worries that are typical of adolescence. Some troubles are serious, some other seem insurmountable. The novel highlights the importance of dialogue as a possible way to solve many problems that otherwise you cannot solve if you are alone. Mediation, mutual respect, acceptance of difference, trust in other people are the tools this novel gives young readers.

Fred Paronuzzi

Fred Paronuzzi was born and lives in the French alps. He has published about 30 books (novels, albums, graphic novels) for a wide readership (children and adults).
He was a teacher for more than 20 years before devoting himself solely to writing. His books have been translated into several languages. For Camelozampa he also wrote Sssh, illustrated by Mariana Ruiz Johnson, a picture book that was selected for the Italian IBBY Honour List.

Mirella Piacentini

Mirella Piacentini, after her degree in Applied Linguistics and Communication Languages, has worked in different universities and is lecturer of French Specialistic Translation at the Department of Science of Linguistic Mediation and Intercultural Studies at Milan University. She cooperates with Padua University too, where she teaches Didactics of French Language.
Her translation of the novel Trop de Chance by Hélène Vignal, published by Camelozampa, represented Italy in the Ibby Honour List 2012 as “best translated work”.
She coordinated the series of drama publication for young people “Stelle di carta. Parole in scena” (Paper stars. Words on stage) for Cleup publishing house.
She is a member of the University Society for Studies of French Language and Literature, the Documentation and Research Centre DoRif for didactics of French in Italian universities and the DoRif group “Socioterminologie et textualité”. For Camelozampa she also translated the novels Passer au Rouge de Hélène Vignal, Ultraviolet de Nancy Huston et Là où je vais de Fred Paronuzzi.

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